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02 November 2010 @ 09:20 am
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26 October 2010 @ 02:41 pm

I still love this boyband, just in case you were wondering, and they are still in the competition! So here's their third diary video which I post mainly because there is this great thing between Louie and Harry (or Smiley and Curles) which involves:

  • groping (as pointed out in the last video)
  • hair petting
  • biting
  • fighting over Mary Byrne (40ish big with even bigger voice - New Susan Boyle)
  • and did I mention BITING?
25 October 2010 @ 11:29 pm
Last week was pretty entertaining. Wednesday night my roommate gave me tobacco to sniff. I generally failed at sniffing and I got most of the stuff all over my face instead of into my nose. But YAY for trying out new things anyway. But this reminds me that I haven't written anything about my roommates, yet. So here we go.

Meet my roommates:Collapse )

ViennaCollapse )

and SyriaCollapse )

And read something about my amazing Friday evening...Collapse )

... and kinda disturbing night.Collapse )

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It's Sunday. I did ~almost~ all of my homework for this week, excluding one more page from my English Business class ['Industrial Production'] and a word definition summary compiled from Polish, German and English encyclopaedias - simply because I can't get my hands on ANY encyclopaedias. However! Including a read-through of a five-page long speech by the German president. So, not surprisingly, with no of my roommates around, I decided to entertain myself with Daily Mail.

That's were I found this article about X-factor which made me watch 90% of performances on YouTube and start a little stalkerish project about the newly founded band One Direction.  A boys band. Yep. I'm serious. But how can you not love them?

They really are great. Really. Let me count all the ways...Collapse )

So yes, I'm just tinsy bit in love.
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04 October 2010 @ 09:53 pm
Due to the lack of internet connection this entry is written in the Word document and will be posted later. Hope this won’t become a regular occurrence (lack of internet, that is) and I won’t be posting everything at the same time.
You may wonder why exactly I’m left without internet. Have I finally gone bankrupt and forgone paying the bills? Has my illicit affair became known to my parents and I got grounded? Or have I finally hit the proverbial roof and decided to do a little sightseeing in the middle of a jungle? The answer is no. I’m in the place that any sane individual would have thought the center of internet connection, a place where lack of it is as abstract to a person as the theory behind Einstein’s most famous equation. I’m in Warsaw – a capital of an European country (Poland, to be exact). What am I doing here? Well dearies, I’ve started
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25 September 2010 @ 06:30 pm
You may or may have not notice this little tendency of mine. It's nothing big really, nothing harmful, too. Most of the time it just makes me the odd one out in the group and costs me dearly in fanfics and icons missed. This bad habit of mine is watching everything that comes out on the screens - movies, TV series, anime - after a year or four of waiting.

I've done that with lots of movies. Like this week, I watched The Last King of Scotland, being probably the last person on Earth to finally do so. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that it took me over two years to finally finish watching this classic.

Have my prise and a... couple... of picsCollapse )
25 September 2010 @ 01:58 pm
Our boys are moments away from losing in the the First Ultimate Fandom 'There Can Be Only One' Tournament!!! We need to help them survive! Go here to vote for them. You only have time until 1600 CEST this Saturday!!!
19 September 2010 @ 07:23 pm
Hi guys! Just a quick post to say that I'm back from the camp and I've got a new computer! As such it's virus free which allows the internet to actually work quickly. Hence I've finished watching season 2 of Merlin (episodes 11-13 through-out which Merlin always looked ready to cry) [even so eps 12 ans 13 had some hilarious moments] ans started watching the third season. I just finished the first episode - can't find the second one on YouTube- and WOW! has it got a lot of action. And really, this show has changed so much since season one. Back then ~in the old days~ it used to be a family friendly show, a mix of action and comedy. Right now it's a drama & action series - they even continue where they left off in previous episode! There's no 'reset' button anymore! I'm amazed -positively- and sad. My light-hearted show is no more. Now it's srs business. :(

I still love it though. ♥

P.S I'm sick after the trial of passing at camp. :(
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11 September 2010 @ 06:37 pm
Hi all!

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25 August 2010 @ 10:58 pm
The first one is from an up and coming UK band The xx! Just give those guys a couple of minutes and you will get why they rule all critics hearts. :)

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I don't even know what they're singing about. I plan to check up the lyrics but don't really get much from the song itself since they sing too softly for me to understand them. Besides the 'woohooo ooo ooooo' part. Sometimes I get what she's saying but the guy's words are lost on me.

And the second video! It's Beyonce. I admit I have a whole lotta love for this girl. Her videos and music are always fun and never struck me as completly stupid. And I admire her as a business woman and a person who manages to be a star with private life.

Also, I totally get behind the meaning of this song because, really, "Why don't you love me?"

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