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MEGA MERLIN REC LIST finally arrived!!! :DDD

It's finally here! The MEGA REC LIST I have been working on is finally done (at least this first part). This list consist mainly of MerlinxArthur fics and about 5% of other fics. ;D It's part of my project to reduce the number of bookmarks in my 'Merlin Fics for Pimping' folder which seems bottomless, really. Those are the oldest fics I bookmarked so they are all ABSOLUTELY SEASON 2 SPOILER FREE. If you find any mistakes than please notify me.


Three Years and Six Months
by pasty_pants I Complete I Universe: Modern I 17,000 words
It only took three years and six months to get to that point, but it was definitely worth the wait.
Part 2 I Part 3 I

3 times Merlin and Arthur didn't meet, and one time they did.
by simply_numpty I Complete I Universe: Modern I 2,997 words
In which Arthur is a male escort, and Merlin is accidentally seduced.

Grave Mistake
by kick_flaw I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 7,186 words
“You want me to rob a grave?” Merlin asked, appalled.
Part 2 I

Not Quite Mary Poppins
by claire_debonair I Complete I Universe: Modern I 7,564 words
The one where Merlin is a nanny, Arthur’s both a prat and a normal human being, Morgana schemes and Uther does relatively little.

Fame and Fortune
by melusinahp I Ongoing I Universe: Modern I 30,060 words
AU set in Los Angeles, California during the 1990's. Arthur is a movie star. Merlin is his PA. Antics ensue.
Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I

The Route to Advancement
by magog_83 I Unclear (officially complete but another part has been posted not so long ago) I Universe: Camelot I 17,635 words
In which Sir Percival is the Invisible Knight of Camelot and Merlin comes to his rescue.
Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I

Awash With Love
by burkesl17 I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 5,952 words
“I give him this gift Uther. He can only marry for the truest and deepest love. Both on his part and the part of his wife.”When Arthur is cursed the whole of Camelot is determined to find him a bride. Well, all but one person.

The Kingdom of Blaggers
by hackthis I Complete I Universe: Modern I 22,798 words
Arthur Pendragon was destined to be a movie star.
Part 2 I Part 3 I

In My Golden Years I Was a Slave
by hackthis I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 1,535 words
Princes do not beg anyone for anything. Princes want for naught. Princes are born and raised and moulded. Men, though, men want and need. They have desires. Princes are created, but underneath it all, they are just men. Arthur is just a man. He wants. He craves. Princes give orders, men take them. With Merlin, Arthur is only a man.

by seperis I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 1,835 words
"I'd like to see you do this to yourself one day," Arthur says against Merlin's ear. "Watch you spread your legs and wet your fingers, slide them inside to make yourself ready for me."

Raw Head and Bloody Bones
by writteninhaste I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 10,641 words
A simple child. That lightly draws its breath. And feels its life in every limb. What should it know of death?

Two In Blood
by writteninhaste I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 11,963 words
Fate is harsh, Destiny is cruel and the Druids will never relinquish what they believe to be theirs. Could be seen as a sequel to Raw Head and Bloody Bones but intended as a stand alone piece.

by toestastegood I WIP I Universe: Vampire!AU in Camelot I 555 words (only this part)
Merlin is about 99% sure that the first thing that people are supposed to do upon meeting you is not to press you against the nearest wall and start sniffing you.
More fics from Scent 'verse I

Destiny, Dragons and Distractions
by toestastegood I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 7,763 words
After one night spent together, Merlin leaves Camelot and Arthur behind. When he returns years later, Arthur struggles to set things right.

by casspeach I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 5,841 words
It's not that Arthur won't share his toys, just that he expects to get them back undamaged.

A Feeling We Don't Know Yet
by ladyflowdi I Complete I Universe: Camelot I 2,873 words
The first time they end up in bed together, Arthur is crawling towards death with his fingers raked into the ground.

Science and Sorcery
by seperis I WIP I Universe: Somewhere around the time when light bulbs became popular I 5,691 words
In which people stare at walls and Merlin finds Arthur, completely by accident.
Part 2 I Part 3 I

by casspeach I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 5,841 words
It's not that Arthur won't share his toys, just that he expects to get them back undamaged.

A Feeling We Don't Know Yet
by ladyflowdi I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,873 words
The first time they end up in bed together, Arthur is crawling towards death with his fingers raked into the ground.

Be Wise and Keep On
by ladyflowdi I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,700 words
“Patience,” Arthur said, and nudged Merlin’s foot up onto his shoulder. His tongue was caught between his teeth. “It can’t be this difficult, there’s only so much room in here.”

This Was Not in the Job Description (AKA Buggery, Yay!)
by ifyouweremine I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 1,358 words
Being Arthur’s manservant was generally alright, Merlin supposed, except for all the blowjobs.

Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits
by stillane I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 3,983 words
It might be good to be the king, but some days it sucks to be the prince.

Forsaking All Others
by magog_83 I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 5,899 words
Merlin goes home to Ealdor for two weeks and Arthur is not at all bothered by this. No really, he isn’t.

I’m not afraid to die, but when I die it won’t be the first time I wish that I was somewhere else
by deadasaduck I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 1,396 words
And Merlin remembers all of it, the memories anchored in time and the ones not, as he lies on the battlefield with his life bleeding out of him from a big hole in his chest.

Lord Drake's Bequest
by pennyplainknits I Complete I Universe:Modern I 9,988 words
To my great-nephew Arthur I bequeath Tintagel Distribution, wholly and without reserve, save for one condition. You must marry, and stay married, for a period of no less than six months. You're a wonderful businessman Arthur, but a full life needs love and companionship, not just a string of affairs. Settle down young Arthur, and your life will be the richer for it."Arthur needs to marry to take control of Tintagel Distribution. Fortunatly he knows the right man for the job.

Three Tasks
by syllic I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 30,953 words (I looove long fics! I don't know why there's so few of them here.)
Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court.
(In light of the sentence above, the following may not appear to be a truthful statement, but: not as cracky as that makes it sound. Really.)

Lines and Boundaries
by toestastegood I Complete I Universe:modern day hooker!AU I 6,634 words
This is a modern day hooker!AU that throws all pretences at realism right out the window.

Two Weeks Notice
by ras_fic I Complete I Universe:Modern I 37,600 words
Arthur is a prattish Executive VP of the Pendragon Corporation with a disturbingly non-ironic love of Demotivational posters. Merlin is a tree-hugging barista with a "magic" tongue. Morgana's a peeping Tom and her breasts have superpowers. Gwen and Lancelot get married. Owain is the company bicycle. Arthur attempts to steal Merlin's affections from Will through epic DDR combat. Merlin gets drunk a lot. There is a pillow fight, and a helicopter ride, and rooftop confessions, and Arthur decides Merlin really is his destiny, whether he likes it or not.

James Bond Eat Your Heart Out
by katie_the_sith I Universe:Modern(spy) I WIP I 60,000 words
AU, loosely based on movie Debs. Arthur is the top student at spy school and Merlin is a notorious evil genius. However rivalry isn't the only thing these two boys are feeling, can Arthur resist Merlin or will he forsake his friends and his country?

The Wages of Gossip
by srin I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 6,400 words
In which Morgana has a secret, (which Gwen shares,) Arthur is determined to uncover the truth, and Merlin learns a great many things he doesn’t want to know and one thing he does.

Q & A
by lickingbeads I Universe:Camelot I Complete I 3,800 words
Merlin screams. Screams himself awake, hits the floor in a jerky roll before he can make out the where and the when, and lies there panting and twitching, pressing his cheek to the floorboards. He needs to see Arthur.

And None But We Can Be Such Kings
by janne_d I Universe:Camelot I Complete I 8,700 words
Merlin really was the court idiot. Was this what the Dragon had meant by halves of a whole?

by magog_83 I Universe:Modern (reincarnations) I Complete I 1,100 words
“What will you do if he doesn’t come?” The man stares at him for a long, silent moment and Tom realises he is holding his breath, as if the answer matters to him.

Balance of the World
by burkesl17 I Universe:Camelot I Complete I 3,000 words
A belated episode tag for the last episode of series one. Arthur finds the letter Gaius wrote Merlin.

by astolat I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 13,200 words (all parts)
There is a story that is not told in Ealdor anymore, not for many years now, a story about Beltane Eve.
Followed by: Coming of Age I That Shall Achieve The Sword I

The Gravest of Miracles
by rurounihime I Universe:Camelot I Complete I 12,300 words
If there was one thing Arthur Pendragon was never without, it was a mood.

Drastically Redefining Protocol
by rageprufrock I Complete (+ ongoing series of extras) I Universe:Modern I 64,000 words
In which Prince Arthur meets Merlin and all hell promptly breaks lose.

by astolat I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 15,775 words
Arthur didn't speak to him for a week after he found out.
Epiloge I

So Merlin Emrys, Here Is Your Holiday
by crazyboutremmy I Complete I Universe:Harry Potter I 3,700 words
The first thing Merlin Emrys thought when he was born, was “Oh, hell no.” And then he opened his mouth and said it.
Sequel I

Hold Hard
by xaritomene I Complete I Universe:Camelot I1,000 words
Arthur just loves to fuck Merlin open, till he is dripping and too sore to even sit up.

The Crown of the Summer Court
by astolat I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 24,381 words
"The king sent me to get you," Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn't rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned. "He said you're to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there's a delegation coming from the Summer Court."

We’re A Storm In Somebody Else’s Teacup

by paperclipbitch I Complete I Universe:Modern (special abilities) I 90,000 words
In which Gwen’s passive-aggressive revenge leads to, amongst other things, Merlin making a new friend.

The Dark Knight

by stripedpetunia I Complete I Universe:Modern (Batman) I 11,000 words
Merlin Emrys lands a job as a gardener for the enigmatic playboy Arthur Pendragon, and discovers that what he gets up to at night is not necessarily drinking with celebrities.

Lives on in Memory
by [info]ingridfic I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,700 words
Takes place after "Excalibur". Stages of grief.

Am prionnsa, an t-amadan agus na meirlich
by [info]aithris I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 6,600 words
He isn't quite sure how it's Merlin fault that he tripped over a rock at the edge of the camp and therefore wound up tumbling head-over-heels to end up lying at the foot of the bandit leader instead of valiantly fighting for his freedom before being overcome by sheer weight of numbers as was really his right, but it definitely is somehow. Given a bit more time, he's sure he can think of a reason.

by [info]astolat I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 8,690 words
He only meant to complain; you didn't take serving girls on hunting trips, and the alternative interpretation didn't even occur to him until Merlin said indignantly, "I'm not going to do that!"

The Trouble With Unicorns

by [info]astolat I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,700 words
"If you'd been lectured by my father for four hours on your thirteenth birthday about all the many disasters that occur to a realm when you muddy the succession with bastards, you wouldn't have been very quick to dive into bed with the nearest servant girl, either," Arthur muttered.

Cut and Dried
by [info]stealingpennies I Complete I Universe:Modern I 1,700 words
Without detailed directions, The Dragon Salon is extremely difficult to find, nested as it is down a side street in London’s exclusive Camelot district. Appointments are virtually impossible to get and even A-list stars are willing to beg, bribe and offer sexual favours for the chance of a colour, cut and blow dry.

The Path Was Invisible But Still I Jumped
by [info]bemycasualty I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 4,000 words
Secrets haunt Morgana's dreams. Merlin agrees to help, but fears the final price.

No Choice but This
by [info]elandrialore I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 709 words
"This is no time to play dim, Merlin," he hisses. "We're in a bit of a pinch here, and we could use a stroke of luck," he says pointedly.

Borrowed Time
by [info]nightrider101 I WIP I Universe:Camelot I 7,500 words
Merlin starts having a reoccurring dream, and he realizes he's going to die. How far will he go to save his own life, what happened to his destiny, and where the hell is Arthur?

Romcom, with Sheep

by [info]allothi I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,700 words
Some time in the third year after Arthur is crowned king, Merlin has to leave Camelot, to rid a small part of Cumbria of a curse that has apparently defied the curse-breaking skill of any other benevolent sorcerer.

That Which Binds
by [info]lavvyan I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 900 words
The night Morgana bears Arthur a son, an heir he was never supposed to have, Merlin breaks his self-imposed solitude and visits the Dragon for a chat.

Subject (to)
by [info]frostfire_17 I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 5,147 words
Uther/Merlin The night after Merlin helps save Uther’s life, he can’t sleep.

In darkness, truth
by [info]mirandaeostre I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 10,100 words
Uther/Merlin There are no witnesses save one to what he is about to do, and the veteran guard who stands motionless at the side of the door only nods in acknowledgement when Merlin reaches it. This is not the first time Merlin has been here.
Epiloge I

Until the Pieces Fit
by Anon (posted at [info]merlinkinkmeme ) I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 13,990 words
It’s an accident, really, Merlin shoving his nose in where it’s not supposed to be, instead of attending at the feast, but once he’s there it’s too late to close his eyes...

The Lies My Father Taught Me
by [info]pforte I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 12,600 words
Arthur had been taught right from wrong and this, this was wrong!

Completely Inappropriate
by [info]glimmergirl I Complete I Universe:Modern I 5,000 words
Modern AU set in an American university, in which Arthur teaches freshman comp, Merlin spills coffee, and they both spend too much time in Arthur's office.
Sequels and extras I

Be Resigned.
by [info]franticsga I Complete I Universe:Modern I 56,084 words
The first time Lt Arthur Pendragon properly met A1C Merlin Emrys, he was doing push-ups on the floor of the Fort Campbell weather station.
In Lieu of Flowers Please (a Be Resigned Snippet) I

Truth is a Whisper
by [info]seperis I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 25,000 words
Words can also be mightier than the sword.
sequel Ten Weeks by shinetheway I

Woods for the trees
by [info]hackthis I Complete I Universe:Modern I 6,200 words
Merlin sleeps like the dead. A dead octopus that is.

by [info]grim_lupine I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 600 words
It starts, as most falls do, with noble intentions.

by [info]callista_mythol I Complete I Universe: Modern I 10,005 words
'Oh well there never was a cat so clever as magical Mr Mistoffelees...' Merlin and Arthur are actors on the West End

by [info]moonythestrals I Complete I Universe:Modern I 11,500 words
Arthur, Merlin, frat brothers, the Dragon, Arthur's BlackBerry, script writing, shitty hip-hop music, Dogma, FATE & DESTINY - oh God I wish I were joking.
extra A Random Collection of Firsts (6.500 words) I Other bonuses I

A Smile is its Sword
by [info]nahara I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 3,700 words
Merlin thinks he's being suave. Arthur thinks he's being subtle. Both are failing.

I Don't Believe It
by [info]moogle62 I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 3,600 words
Written for the [info]reel_merlin challenge, with the film prompt of Sin City. This is kind of one part Sin City, one part Merlin and one part actual madness. It involves Arthur being foolish with an arrow, Merlin telling a series of ridiculous lies and Camelot getting into trouble.

The Beast of Winter
by [info]linaerys I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 7,885 words
Arthur fights a beast out of legend.
sequel Springtime Promises (10,000 words) I

Let the Enemy Guns
by [info]lo0o0ony_lauren I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,777 words
Contains assorted scenes, banter, introspection and epiphanies. Begins in 1.10, then moves on into the realms of "I am making this up" - spoilers for 1.09 and up.

Wrong Number

by [info]lou_angel I Complete I Universe:Modern I 1,252 words
Inspired by prompt 129 from the Anonymous Kink Meme in which Arthur calls a phone sex hotline and gets…Merlin (either as operator or wrong number). Hijinx ensue. (I kind of twisted and ran with it. Hope the OP doesn’t mind!)

The Not-So-Perfect-Co-Worker
by [info]el_gilliath I Complete I Universe:Modern I 355 words
Tending bar ain’t always easy, especially not when you work with Arthur Pendragon.

by [info]lickingbeads I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 3,000 words
Merlin says, "Arthur, I'm a warlock," suddenly and without preamble, and then sort of squeaks, or maybe it is only a very loud swallow, and Arthur thinks, he didn't mean to say that.

The History of Two Conversations (On Paper)
[info]takadainmate I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 11,114 words
Books are defaced. But it's all for a good cause. Really.

[info]emei I Complete I Universe:Modern I 10,900 words
Paris!AU. Merlin is a struggling writer living in a bookstore. Arthur's an exchange student. If they hadn't met, Arthur's life would have ended under the wheels of a parisian bus.

Next parts under the fic tag

the smile, the frown on your face

[info]lickingbeads I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 4,100 words
He is happy for Arthur. He is.

Sequel: in time and space I

The Day Camelot Didn't Stand Still

by[info]nightrider101 I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 1,100 words
“So, really, the whole magic thing. It’s good for party tricks and not much else, huh?”

The Incident with The Thingy or Arthur's Adventures in Spying

[info]sparky77 I Complete I Universe:Modern I 2,800 words
Arthur is a spy. Merlin is his handler. What? It makes perfect sense. Really.

[info]seperis I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 20,900 words
They would pay any price that was asked, Nimueh whispered at the end, trembling with exhaustion, desperate, pleading, anything, anything at all. Just give her this child. Give her the son he stole from her.

from the Poker to the Prize

[info]lo0o0ony_lauren I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,900 words
Merlin/Arthur, but not massively moreso than in the telly show. Arthur faces an impressive challenger in the inter-village tournament and Merlin has a bit of an odd day.

The Breath Before Our New Beginning

[info]such_heights I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 800 words
Magic thunders in his veins now, not like the ripples and aftershocks he's used to, the feeling of potential.

Ink and Dragons
[info]anevivi I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 6,900 words
Another modern AU from me.  Unrelated to
Of Mice and Flats, this one is about Arthur wanting a tattoo and finding Merlin, mostly but not entirely by accident, in a shop called Avalon.
sequel: Ink and Symbols

geoffrey of monmouth was a liar, but that's okay

[info]mclachland I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 4,477 words
The thing about magic is that it's a lot like chest congestion.

[info]sparky77 I Complete I Universe:Modern (but still with magic users and magic ban) I 3,000 words
“Destiny is outlawed, you know,” Arthur says. Merlin laughs. “You try telling destiny that.”

What You Carry With You
by [info]ras_fic I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 3,500 words
Truth and knowledge are just as heavy as any yoke around the neck. For all Arthur's posturing, he is not Atlas, and he can't shoulder the weight of the world.

The Accidental Seduction (or, De Nile Ain't Just a River In Egypt, And Arthur's Drowning In It)
by [info]ras_fic I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 9,000 words
Arthur's a bit dim and a prank goes horribly awry, but in the end this works out to the benefit of all involved.

by [info]thehoyden I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 4,300 words
"Well," Morgana said, looking pleased, "Maybe Arthur won't actually throw the tourney this year."

Quickening Days
by [info]mercurial_wit I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 22,174 words
In which dragons & ghosts & prejudices are confronted, Merlin wears a hat (twice) and a dress (once), Arthur breaks some crockery (lots), there are more pranks than pillowfights but at least one of each, and many secrets are revealed.

Two Birds, One Stone
by justicemischief I Complete I Universe:Medieval (Robin Hood) I 7,747 words
What happens when the greatest wizard in all the world is sent to kill the greatest Knight that ever lived?

Us Two Little Gods
by lastling I Complete I Universe:Medieval I 18,000 words
Merlin meets Arthur on a battlefield. As a bard, he's supposed to tell stories, except life has other plans.

A Most Generous Gift
by sarcasticchick I Complete I Universe:Camelot  I 3,000 words
"Such fine metal a peasant could not possess, with little time to hone a sharp blade. Why, I imagine it was a dreadful experience."

Mirrored Glass
by sarcasticchick I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 10,000 words
He was supposed to protect his people, starting with his servants and if Merlin believed he couldn't come to Arthur with this then of what purpose was Arthur?

See You (Again)
by shopfront I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,150 words
Missing scenes between Lancelot declaring his intention to leave Camelot, and leaving the next morning.

The Once and Future King
by slashweaver I Complete I Universe:Modern I 1,118 words
Arthur is reincarnated in England’s hour of need, but Merlin isn’t quite sure that Arthur has his priorities right.

For You, My Liege, the World
by eosrose I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,100 words
Gwen and Lancelot cannot be allowed to get away with their betrayal of Arthur.

by freudian_fuckup I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 1,254 words
With Merlin, everything is new again.

Everything In Its Right Place
by freshly_ground I Complete I Universe:Modern I 5,000 words
Arthur Pembroke is an average twenty-one year old American college student. Until he remembers everything.
Part 2 I

Anthem for Doomed Youth
by tootsmcgonagall I Complete I Universe:sometime in the XX century?  I 2,398 words
Arthur's always been a warrior, and Merlin forever destined to stand on the sidelines.

Accept No Substitutes
by lamardeuse I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 7,000 words
It was extraordinary, Merlin reflected as he pounded down the corridor toward the Great Hall, how often the destiny the Great Dragon constantly spoke of entailed saving Arthur from beautiful women.

The Art and Abuse of Transformation
by tristefic I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 2,303 words
Arthur has never been particularly perceptive. That's why it comes as a surprise to Merlin when the first thing Arthur says to him is, "You look different today."

by waldorph I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 937 words
It’s been years. Years, and you’d think Arthur would be okay with it, but Merlin knows, as soon as he glances up from where Sir Caradoc is fondling his ass (he’s drunk, young, and Arthur keeps making Merlin wear these robes) and Arthur’s eyebrows go crashing down he knows this is going to be one of those up-against-a-wall things.
Prequel: The History of Everything I

All In the Timing

by srin I Complete I Universe:Modern I 5,600 words
Merlin and company have been reborn over and over, but things aren't quite the same this time around. (Modern reincarnation.)
Sequels: Timing verse. I

Forgotten for Good
by freudian_fuckup I Complete I Universe:Camelot I 5,066 words
In which Merlin forgets something and Arthur learns something new.
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